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Tonya Hylton

Whitney Sauer is an Occupational Therapist specializing in treating patients who have acquired a stroke in any

areas of the brain, non-traumatic/traumatic brain injury, tumor resection and all forms of brain trauma. Whitney earned her BS in University Studies followed by her Masters of Occupational Therapy from Idaho State University in 2015.

Whitney has extensive stroke and brain injury experience starting in 2015 as she was worked at inpatient rehab, acute care and outpatient setting. She focuses on a hands on, whole body approach needed to improve gait, stability, coordination along with upper extremity return. She is also pursing a focus in pelvic health at this time.  


Whitney has been certified in Neuro-Integrative Functional Rehabilitation and Habituation (Neuro-IFRAHⓇ) approach since 2017.  Completed certifications include: 


  • Neuro-IFRAH Introduction to the Approach in the Treatment and Management of Adults with Hemiplegia in 2016

  • Neuro-IFRAH Certification Course in the Treatment and Management of Adults with Hemiplegia from Stroke or Brain Injury in 2017

  • Institute of Physical Art PNF: Functional Neuromuscular and Motor Control Training in 2023

  • Pelvic health



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