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Neuro-Based Therapy

These therapies aim to leverage the brain's capacity for neuroplasticity which is the ability to reorganize and form new connections to promote recovery and improve function in individuals with neurological conditions. Our specialized therapists use the Neuro-IFRAH approach focusing on full-body rehabilitation incorporating advanced handling techniques with the Arm, Hand, Leg, Foot, Trunk and Pelvic. 

Neuro Clinic of Idaho's Approach

Uses a comprehensive rehabilitative approach as our first method rather than compensatory strategies. Our focus is to customize our approach to improve balance, gait, and overall activities of daily living by moving through a progression which allows for normal movement patterns. With principles grounded in the Neuro-IFRAHⓇ approach in order to get our patients to the next level.

Together with OT, PT and SLP the approach will be cohesive by working simultaneously on specific goals and body dysfunction to reach the end goal.

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